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  • Future of Growth | Sujoy Ghosh

    First Solar stands out in the solar PV manufacturing space, utilizing a distinctive semiconductor material. Its factory in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, is a powerhouse, geared to produce 16,000 modules daily, making a significant contribution to the state and country's mission of decarbonising the electricity system.

  • Future of Growth | Vikash Agarwal

    India is strategically harnessing its growth potential by undergoing a transformation in the Global Value Chain (GVC), unlocking substantial opportunities for various business communities and presenting the nation with a golden chance to capitalise on them.

  • Future of Growth | Dr. Lakshmi Venu

    Tamil Nadu has proven to be a strategic advantage point for TAFE and Sundaram Clayton Limited, thanks to the State's remarkable collaborative education ecosystem that consistently produces batches of highly skilled engineers and graduates.

  • Future of Growth | Ramkumar Ramamoorthy

    The brilliance of the Naan Mudalvan scheme lies in its multifaceted approach.

  • Future of Growth | B Santhanam

  • Future of Growth | Dr. Saundarya Rajesh

    Tamil Nadu, a leader in women's workforce participation, is driven by a commitment to social justice by empowering the marginalised.

  • Future of Growth | Balaji Nuthalapadi

    CITI Group stands as one of the leading employers in the Tamil Nadu, having recruited over 10,000 employees, and their experience in Tamil Nadu has been remarkably positive.

  • Future of Growth | Satyakam Arya

    Daimler sees Tamil Nadu as a prime investment destination and preferred hub for future growth in India, owing to its robust automotive industry and efficient manufacturing ecosystem.