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Tamil Nadu - Where stories never end

Tamil Nadu, situated along the Bay of Bengal, stands as a testament to one of the world's oldest living civilisations. This enchanting State is a delightful blend of tourist attractions, inviting travellers to explore its rich history and natural splendour. Tamil Nadu tourism ensures to provide an experience that reinvigorates the weary mind and yearning soul.

In the realm of artistry, the "land of tales" stands as a grand testament, graced by renowned dynasties such as the Cholas, Pandyas, Cheras, and Pallavas.

Tamil Nadu stands as a marvel in the world, with a stunning collection of six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, each unveiling a unique facet of its opulent heritage. The Group of Monuments at Mamallapuram and the famed 'Great Living Chola Temples', which include the spectacular Brihadeeshwara Temple in Thanjavur, the ancient Gangaikonda Cholapuram in Ariyalur,, and the stunning Airavatesvara Temple in Darasuram, are among these treasures. Completing this impressive group of UNESCO World Heritage Sites are the Western Ghats and the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, the only mountain railway in South India to get this recognition.

With its lively festivals and joyous celebrations, the State provides visitors with a comprehensive cultural experience. Notably, Pongal stands out as a significant four-day harvest festival in Tamil Nadu, featuring the exhilarating Jallikattu bull-taming sport, which takes place on the third day known as Mattu Pongal. Navarathri with its themed doll displays and Karthigai Deepam symbolizing the victory of light over darkness at Tiruvannamalai Temple, highlight the state's cultural legacy.

The topography mosaic of the State unfolds as a canvas of rich biodiversity, with the pioneering Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve standing as the nation's first terrestrial and marine biosphere reserves, beckoning nature and wildlife enthusiasts to immerse in their wonders.

With the second longest coastline, the State boasts diverse adventure opportunities, including surfing and scuba diving, as well as scenic hiking, mountain biking, and off-road challenges in its varied landscapes.

The cultural kaleidoscope of Tamil Nadu includes vibrant music, traditions, dances, and diverse visual arts. From traditional folk arts like Mayilattam, Karagam, Kavadi, Therukoothu, Thappattam, and Oyilattam to the classical Bharatanatyam, the State is a vibrant canvas of expressive arts. Additionally, the spectral Indian Dance Festival at Mamallapuram and Namma Ooru Thiruvizha organized by Tamil Nadu tourism, adds another enchanting dimension to the cultural tapestry.

Tamil Nadu's culinary scene goes beyond idli, vada, and sambar. The regional cuisine includes Chettinad's spiciness, Kongu Nadu's comforting meals, temple food, and Tamil-Kerala fusion in Nanjil Nadu. The traditional Tamil feast, known as "Virundhu Sappadu," is served on banana leaves, following a specific order from sweets to fruit.

The realm of handicrafts provides a captivating gateway into a region's heritage, and Tamil Nadu, counted among the top 5 states with the highest Geographical Indications (GIs), presents a diverse range of merchandise. To commemorate this cultural legacy, Tamil Nadu's tourism effort encompasses Chennai Vizha, an international exhibition highlighting handlooms, handicrafts, and cuisine.

Within the vibrant spectrum of colours, the State metamorphoses into a living masterpiece, revealing a splendid airborne exhibition through the splendour of the Tamil Nadu International Kite Festival and the enchanting Tamil Nadu International Hot-Air Balloon Festival.

The State excels in both medical and wellness tourism, with top-tier healthcare facilities and Ayurveda centres, promoting international partnerships through initiatives like the Medical Value Travel Summit, making it a global destination for premium healthcare and rejuvenation.

Tamil Nadu's culture exudes a gracious warmth, exemplifying the art of genuine hospitality. The quintessence of "Where stories never end" is profoundly enshrined, assuring unforgettable memories that leave an indelible mark in the hearts of those who visit. The State's multifarious communities additionally enhance its cultural dynamism and play a role in its economic advancement.

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Airavatheeswara Temple at Darasuram, Brihadeeswarar Temple, Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram, Gangaikonda Cholapuram Temple, Nilgiri Mountain Railway and Western Ghats.

1,076 kms along the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.

Highest in India.

International Airports in Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirapalli and Madurai and Domestic Airports in Salem and Tuticorin.

Pichavaram Mangrove Forest covering about 45 sq.km of area.

Pulicat Lake measuring 759 sq.km.

5 National Parks, 17 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 17 Bird Sanctuaries, 5 Tiger Reserves, 2 Conservation Reserves

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