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Electronic Hardware

Tamil Nadu has emerged as a prominent electronics hardware manufacturing and exporting hub within the country, intriguing global corporations with its robust manufacturing infrastructure. By promoting ESDM, the state has significantly enhanced the value addition taking place within its borders, presenting an enticing prospect for investors seeking to establish their manufacturing facilities in Tamil Nadu.


Total Electronics Production in India


Electronics Exports in India


Sasikumar Gendham

Managing Director, Salcomp

Tamil Nadu continues to be a major destination for Electronics, and particularly for Salcomp, the journey this far has been very rewarding. Tamil Nadu provides a very conducive environment for large companies like ours, with accessibility for the heavy supply chain and availability of several thousands of employees. Most importantly, extensive and timely support from policymakers and hand holding throughout the process both during and after investment by the Guidance team is noteworthy to mention.


  • Tamil Nadu stands as a significant electronics exporter in the nation.
  • The majority of Tamil Nadu's electronics production comprises computers and related peripheral equipment, including desktops, servers, and printers.
  • Within Kancheepuram District, 2 sector-specific SEZs are dedicated to the Electronic Hardware Sector: the Multi Sector SEZ in Oragadam and the Multi Sector SEZ in Sriperumbudur.

Active Investors


India is rapidly emerging as one of the largest and fastest-growing digital markets globally.

India holds the distinction of being the world's second-largest market for both television and internet subscriptions.

With over 220 million active unique smartphone users, India ranks as the world's 2nd largest smartphone market.

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