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Textile & Apparel

Frequently referred to as the 'Yarn Bowl of India,' Tamil Nadu boasts a dominant presence in spinning, handloom weaving, powerloom weaving, processing, knitwear, apparel, and garmenting. Not only does it hold the title of being the largest contributor to the Indian textile industry, but it is also globally renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and distinctiveness.


In Cotton Yarn Production​ in India


In the Indian textile production

3.1 Million

Employments generated


Active employment in Indian textile industry sector at the National level


  • Tamil Nadu is the leading producer of cotton yarn  in the country and its leading exporter.
  • The state boasts over 50 handloom clusters, the highest in India.
  • Tamil Nadu's textile industry contributes to one-third of the textile business in the country.
  • Tamil Nadu hosts the highest number of operational textile parks in India.
  • Tamil Nadu is the proud home of India's first PM Mitra Park.

Active Investors


The textile sector in Tamil Nadu ranks as the 3rd largest recipient of FDI in India.

Approximately three-fourths of powerloom products are allocated for both direct and indirect exports.

The European market is witnessing a growing demand for processed cotton fabric and organic clothing.

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